At The Egerton House Hotel, our commitment to environmental and social responsibility has a multifaceted approach, find out more about our holistic dedication to creating a positive impact on both the environment and the community below.


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A big part of achieving our goal of Net Zero by 2050 is measuring and recording our energy usage, waste production, and scrutinising our behaviour. To help us achieve this, we rely upon technology in the form of an online reporting tool, Brightest. The Egerton House Hotel will report on all of these areas to produce data that will allow us to set reduction targets before offsetting unavoidable emissions through our support of nature-based solutions, and in line with our verified short-term, near-term and net zero targets validated by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTi). 

We are also looking to implement an Energy Management System in 2024 and schedule sub-metering in order for us to measure our energy accurately as well as measuring the success of further projects being implemented moving forwards. Furthermore, over 95% of lines of our single use plastics have been eliminated with only two outstanding; bin liners and catering milk pergals. 


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Kitchens can waste up to 20% of food purchased, often equivalent to their total net profits, as chefs too often lack the necessary tools to accurately measure and manage waste. What gets measured gets managed, and by using data intelligently kitchens can be made more efficient. Winnow develops technology to help chefs achieve greater visibility in their kitchens and make better decisions that lead to dramatically reduced food waste and costs. In 2020, Red Carnation Hotels partnered with Winnow Solutions to tackle the issue of food waste and set targets to halve this by 2025.

Local & Organic Suppliers

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Working with local and organic suppliers help us to tackle multiple problem areas, not only relating to where and how food is produced, but also tackling the issue of packaging and reducing quantities to impact what is potentially wasted.


The Egerton House Hotel has provided strong volunteering contributions to our group efforts over the last year. The Egerton House Hotel is part of the Red Carnation Hotel collection who have committed to contribute 6,000 hours of volunteering by 2025. We have already significantly exceeded this target and already have multiple volunteering opportunities lined up for 2024. 


Diversity is celebrated at The Egerton House Hotel and a place where everyone with ability and willingness to succeed will thrive and develop. We have a number of employees who are members of the Women's Identity Circle, which has been a great addition to our hotel and seen us host events and lead volunteering efforts to raise funds for a charity the Women's Circle support.

Sustainable partnerships

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We are deeply committed to protecting our environment and contributing to local causes, including phasing out single-use plastics, saving energy, reducing food waste. We are proud to also be working with the following charities and companies dedicated to bringing positive change to the world: Project Harmless, Privev, HG Walter, H Forman & Son