Michelle Devlin

General Manager

Michelle has been serving as the General Manager at The Egerton House Hotel since March 2012, having joined Red Carnation Hotels in 2005. Alongside her team, she takes great pleasure in personally caring for guests from their initial introduction to every stage of their experience, including warm welcomes upon arrival, and ensuring a comfortable stay at their new 'home away from home'. Michelle sincerely hopes for the opportunity to personally welcome you to The Egerton House Hotel shortly.

Dean Sparrow

Hotel Manager

Dean embarked on his journey with Red Carnation Hotels over a decade ago, on entering the accredited Management Programme. Over the years, he has flourished within the company, gaining experience across five of Red Carnation Hotels' London properties. Currently, Dean holds the esteemed position of Hotel Manager at The Egerton House Hotel. He eagerly anticipates personally welcoming guests to the hotel on their next stay.

Jacques Conradie

Concierge Manager

In my role as the Concierge Manager of the award-winning Egerton House Hotel, my responsibility is to ensure that each of our guests' needs and requirements are met and exceeded. I take great pride and pleasure in finding the most suitable choices of restaurants or bars; recommending the hottest new shows, museum exhibitions or day-trips; planning personalised tours; or helping to solve health or travel issues. If I can help with anything before your stay, please do contact me directly.

Scott Clinton

Scott Clinton

Executive Assistant to Michelle Devlin

Scott's journey into the hospitality industry began as a country house butler in Worcestershire. Joining Red Carnation Hotels in 2007, he has undertaken four distinct roles over nearly 20 years. Currently serving as Executive Assistant to Michelle, Scott collaborates closely with her on global sustainability initiatives and oversees the hotel's day-to-day operations. What he cherishes most is the multifaceted nature of his role within a team he considers not just colleagues but friends.

Thomas White

Operations Manager

Thomas discovered his passion for hospitality in 2012 while working at a French Bistro in Staffordshire. In 2019, he proudly joined Red Carnation Hotels on the prestigious Management Programme, where he developed skills within the food and beverage and front office departments at The Egerton House Hotel. His current role offers him a balance of all that he enjoys most about hospitality while working among a passionate and dedicated team.

Sahbi Zguider

Bar Manager

Sabhi's passion for hospitality, especially bars, ignited during his part-time work in numerous exquisite hotels in his homeland of Tunisia, North Africa. It was during this period that he honed the craft of modern, exotic cocktails and started refining his palate. His career took a significant turn with his move to London after joining The Egerton House Hotel, where he found the opportunity to perfect the precise art of the hotel's famed signature cocktail, the Martini.

David Macdonald

Head Chef

David's culinary journey began in 2013, leading him to work at some of South Africa's finest restaurants as a chef. Joining The Egerton House Hotel's team in 2022, he has already made a great impact. David and his team are dedicated to delivering an exceptional experience, sourcing fresh, seasonal produce from local suppliers to craft comforting dishes and signature classics.

Dritan Jaku

Maintenance and Back of House Manager

Dritan joined The Egerton in 2010, and after 12 years, his passion remains undimmed. Under previous maintenance managers, he refined his skills, now taking on the role of Maintenance and Back of House Manager. He also ensures the hotel's health and safety standards. Thrilled with recent perfect inspections, Dritan is committed to maintaining The Egerton's renowned five-star excellence.

Yvonne Viera

Chef de Partie

With a heritage deeply rooted in the culinary traditions passed down by both of her grandmothers, Yvonne's passion for cooking and baking ignited a lifelong love affair with food. Beginning her professional journey in 2007 at a restaurant in Cape Town, Yvonne discovered a talent that was nurtured by a chef who recognised her potential. Yvonne is delighted to contribute her skills to the The Egerton House Hotel, fulfilling a dream career in the culinary arts.

Sarah Bristow

Head of UK Reservations

Sarah Bristow leads the Red Carnation Hotels UK Reservations team, taking care of our guests' reservations. If you are celebrating your honeymoon, birthday, or anniversary, Sarah would be delighted to oversee your bedroom allocation and put in a special request prior to your arrival. Sarah takes pride in ensuring that your stay will be one you fondly remember.