A warm welcome...

In anticipation of reopening, we caught up with General Manager Michelle Devlin at The Egerton House Hotel, to hear what the team has planned for this upcoming summer...

How long have you been at The Egerton and what do you love most about the hotel?

I have been at The Egerton House for nearly ten years, and continue to be inspired by my team and the contributions they make as individuals to our collective success. The Egerton House Hotel is all about the service and in turn the experiences and memories we provide our guests. This is what I love most and am most proud of.

You must be very excited about the re-opening of the hotel on the 17th May. What have you and the team been doing to keep busy while the hotel was temporarily closed?

The team and I are thrilled at the prospect of reopening next Monday and sharing with our guests all of the wonderful things we have been working on over the last year. It is with much excitement that we unveil our new ''Alice'' Afternoon Teas, which playfully pay homage to the classic children’s book and celebrate the new exhibition “Alice: Curiouser & Curiouser” at the V&A Museum, which is located just opposite the hotel. Our chef, Daby has created an array of cakes based on the Alice theme, including a Plum Posset and homemade champagne truffles in oyster shells. Both the grown-ups and children have their own selection of ‘drink me’ cocktails and plenty of quirks to look forward to. This is a twist on Victorian recipes to create an enchanting and fun afternoon tea experience for both adults and children. Make your reservation to explore your curious side!

Of course, dogs aren’t left out of the jollifications, with our ‘Dogtini’ accompanied with doggy canapes. Bring your pooch along for a dogtini – shaken, not stirred! Whilst on the topic of food and drink; Sahbi, one of our bartenders, has spent extensive time painstakingly dissecting our drinks menu, researching all the classic cocktails and adapting the recipes to capture the true taste using high quality and original ingredients. Whilst our signature drink remains The Martini, we thought it an important point to make sure our other cocktails are equally authentic. We have also adapted our menu to offer some of the most popular hearty British options that our guests crave when away from home. There is an array of restaurants on our doorstep that offer excellent high-end cuisine, but if there is one thing we have taken on board from our regular guests, it is that when you decide to stay in for supper, you want something homely. We hope the selection of homemade British classics will be just the ticket the next time you decide to have a night in.

What new and exciting experiences can guests expect this summer?

New partnerships!

What have you changed within the hotel?

Aside from the menus, we have taken the downtime to refurbish certain areas of the hotel and invested in new stylish glassware and crockery to enhance the new menu items we will be unveiling.

What have you had to change in terms of Covid-19 protocols?

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, I would like to reassure those looking for additional health and safety protocols of our commitment to your safety as much as your comfort.

In addition to this we are following government guidelines and ask all our guests and staff to observe physical distancing and wear a face covering. High-touch surfaces are frequently sanitised for your peace of mind.

What do you offer for children and dogs?

The Egerton is very much a home away from home, and children and pets are at the heart of that. For children, the most memorable aspect of their stay is the relationships they develop with our team members. Our concierge team can plan itineraries that are child friendly and suit the interests of the family. We have a lovely children’s menu as well as a whimsical afternoon tea.

The Egerton House Hotel is very well known for being a 100% dog-friendly hotel. For many years, our Doggy Afternoon Tea has been very popular, but we are now looking forward to launching our Dogtini – which is a chicken broth accompanied by dog-friendly canapes. Alongside this, we offer other pet services – from pet sitting to walking, and organising pet grooming.

What did you miss most about your hotel when the doors were closed?

Our guests! As I mentioned previously, The Egerton House is more of a home than a hotel, and the absence of our guests is like having half of the family away from home for an extended period. Thankfully, we have a very close team who have supported each other over the last year and retained the family spirit in anticipation of our returning guests.